Kera received coaching for six months and 6 months later her career was launched. Since she has completed coaching she has appeared in fashion shows in New York, Maryland, DC, Virginia and Pennsylvania. Kera was also in the publication of Plus Model Mag and recenlty in the Sun Papers

August 2016 addition of Health & Style.  

“Thee best model coach in the world!


So beautiful, so talented and full of life. TheeDanielleBaker, helping me on my journey to become a successful model. "I give many thanks”

I was referred to Danielle over 2 years ago. She saw something in me and took a chance to see me flourish. Danielle owns companies, but more importantly to me she is my runway coach, posing instructor and now mentor.

My Main Supporter

Kannon the Model

Inspired To Be Confident

Quieona Lewis

Since I been in the

modeling field, Thee

Danielle Baker has

been a inspiration in

my life. She has taught me how to walk like a runway model, how to capture amazing photos during shoots. At first I wasn’t confident  Upon completion of her program, I was able to participate in exclusive fashion shows, take amazing shoots and most importantly build the confidence. 

What I Learned

Says Rachel

"It was so much

fun modeling for

you in this fashion

show. I learned a lot

in a little bit of time and modeled on the runway. The show was a great experience, I didn’t know it was going be this big! Thank you"