Backstage Energy

Backstage at fashion shows are extremely fast paced with so many things in operations at one time. People are used to seeing models run around from hair, makeup and designer to designer. Its hardly ever time to catch your breath once the show starts. With just about 15 designers and 100 models on Day3 of #JerseyCityFashionWeek, we maintained a positive level of energy backstage. Even through all the noise, I want models to have moments of enjoyment, laughter, bonding and conversation like this. Don't miss out on enjoying what you love, while your doing what you love.

Photo Captured By:JPTheArtist

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It's important to see models happy and confident. Through happiness and confidence exudes your natural beauty and personality. Building up to good energy is setting the atmosphere prior to start time, organization, food, water and a good team. #ModelMonday #TipsAndTricks #YourFavoriteModelCoach #YourModelResource #Backstage #JCFW #RunwayCoach

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